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Your 4 to 6 week touch-up session is required and always scheduled during your initial treatment. (This price is only for clients who completed their initial Microblading session.)

3D Eyebrow Microblading


Powder Shading Ombré


3D Microblading + Shading



** Touch-up prices are for my clients only. If you have pre-existing work you will need to schedule an initial appointment.

Color Boost Touch-up


>6 months

Color Boost Touch-up


6-7 months

Color Boost Touch-up


8-12 months


Top Eyeliner


Bottom Eyeliner


Top and Bottom Eyeliner



Full Lip Blushing



There is a $50 additional charge for covering an existing tattoo or working over previous permanent makeup done elsewhere. If the previous tattoo or permanent makeup requires color correction, there is a $200 fee for this.

Beauty Marks


1-3 Beauty Marks



Quarter Face

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Above is a list of our most popular services. For more information on additional treatments, please call your preferred location for a list of their specific services.